A ladies single glove of cream leather, circa 1600 – 1620, with long extended fingers, the gauntlet with eight deep round tabs of dark blue satin embroidered in coloured silks, gold thread and seed pearls, edged with metallic lace, the design incorporating bunches of grapes, blue cornflowers and other floral motifs alternating with the pelican in its piety, wrist trimmed with ruched pink silk ribbon edged with metallic lace and spangles and pink silk lining. The glove is described in ‘Gloves' by Valerie Cumming, published by B.T.Barsford Ltd., London, 1982.

Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spence. Conserved 1995 – 1999 with help from the NHLF.

Accession No: 23340
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