An early pair of embroidered gloves with long extended fingers, circa 1595 - 1605, of white leather dyed buff, suede side uppermost, separately worked deep and wide gauntlets, each with nine shallow scalloped shaped tabs edged in long fringes terminating in sequins, each worked in silks and metal threads with assorted fruit or flowerheads, the main panel with delicately coiling gold strip tendrils enclosing phoenix rising from the flames. raised blooms and fruits in polychrome silks, rich metal threads in couching, satin stitch and detached button hole stitch, the centres worked with female masks with hair over-flowing with flowers and fruits, the whole speckled with seed pearls, 37cm long. See 'Gloves' by Valerie Cumming, Batsford p.49. Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spence. Conserved in 1995 - 1999 with help from the NHLF.

Accession No: 23342 + A /-/BN/LTH/D/E17/EMB/-/
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