A pair of embroidered gloves, circa 1630 – 50, of white kid stained ivory, suede side uppermost, with integral angular stepped gauntlets, with an overlaid ground of ivory satin worked in relief with central arbours of richly robed ladies, to each side a stag hunt, lion, hedgehog, rabbit, giant birds and insects, a colourful sky with couched gold thread cloud bursts, scattered with sequins, edged and lined in salmon pink silk, the seams of the elongated fingers and thumbs, side seams defined in double bands of silver chain stitch and decorative couched threads and whorls, 37 cm long.

Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spence. Conservation 1995 – 1999 sponsored by Austin Reed Ltd.

Accession No:23357+A
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