A pair of mourning gloves, circa 1650 – 70, of white kid stained buff, the integral gauntlet and lining of black satin embroidered in black silk with scrolling arabesques, the seams outlined in black threads and adorned with black trefoil motifs, edged in black silk fringing, 26 cm long. Literature – Nigel Llewelyn, ‘The Art of Death', Victoria and Albert Museum, 1991, p.93 and exhibited at the V & A in the exhibition of the same title. Connoisseur, October 1919 volume 55, p 91 fig 14 where they are described as Italian and are described thus ‘The sombreness of the whole scheme, and the soil of gore on the gloves, indicate that they were used in, and bore witness to a sad plight'. Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spence.

Conserved 1995 – 1999 with help from the NHLF.

Accession No: 23383 + A
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