A pair of white stained cream doeskin leather gloves, circa 1600 – 1610, suede side up, with separately worked gauntlets with C scrolls, sunflower and carnations, in variously patterned couched gold threads, (the gold thread wrapped over a yellow silk core) with some blue floss silk detailing, three similarly worked gusset bands, edged in gold fringing spangled with sequins, lined in brown silk, decoratively couched roundel nand foliate bands outline the thumb, elongated fingers with delicately stitched seams, 33cm long excluding fringing.

Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spence, also named in Connoisseur vol 55, p.90, fig 12, October 1919 with an illustration of one of these gloves, where they are described as French. Also illustrated in ‘Gloves' by Valerie Cumming, p.24. They are similar in style to catalogue number 23371.

Conservation 1995 – 1999 sponsored by the Trustees in memory of Past Master John Gratwick, one of the original Trustees – ‘The Gratwick Glove'.

Accession No: 23392 + A
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