In 2013 a number of gloves were loaned to other museums and over 1 million people visited those venues (Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Holburne Museum and National Portrait Gallery).

In 2014 we had gloves on display at the Garden Museum until the end of April and the Queen's Gallery Holyroodhouse until the end of July. We continue to have a pair of gloves on display at The Holburne Museum.

In 2015 as well as the continuing display at The Holburne Museum, gloves were loaned to the National Maritime Museum for an exhibition with the title "Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire Revolution", which were on display from 20 November 2015 to 28 March 2016; 66,613 people in total saw the gloves on display.

The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath showed some of our early 19th Century gloves for their Jane Austen's Bath exhibition, which were on display from 4th July to 4 October 2015.

Where to see GCT gloves

• The main place in the UK to see gloves from the Glove Collection Trust collection is the Fashion Museum Bath . A selection of gloves from the Collection is always on view, incorporated into the Museum's current displays. The Fashion Museum is open every day of the year, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

• Currently, there are 8 items (pairs and single) from the 1600s on display in the Museum's headline show A History of Fashion in 100 Objects. Highlights in this display include King James I's hunting gloves and a pair of beautifully stitched gloves with canvas-work gauntlet cuffs showing a design of rabbits, stags and colourful flowers. Both pairs are nearly 400 years old, dating from the 1620s.

• In the past 18 months these gloves have been seen by 178,370 visitors to the Fashion Museum.

• The Fashion Museum's feature exhibition in 2017 was Lace in Fashion; and stars of this show included two pairs of early17th century gloves, richly decorated with gold metal thread bobbin lace, from the Glove Collection Trust Collection. The exhibition closed at the end of 2017, by which time over 89,840 visitors had viewed these exquisite gloves from the Collection.

• In 2018 the Fashion Museum is presenting a special Royal-themed exhibition and Queen Alexandra's replica Coronation Glove, part of the Glove Collection Trust Collection, is a centrepiece of the show. The exhibition Royal Women - Alexandra Mary Elizabeth Margaret - Public Wardrobe: Personal Style showcases dress worn by successive generations of women in the British Royal family and will continue on display until 28 April 2019.

• By coincidence King Edward VII's replica Coronation glove is also on display in 2018; but this time further afield. The Glove Collection Trust is delighted to lend this unique and historical glove to the Militar Historisches Museum in Dresden for a special exhibition Violence and Gender, on display from 26 April to November 2018.

The Catalogue is under Copyright (C) 2012, The Glove Collection Trust.